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Putting Things In Perspective - The Traveling Alphabet
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Putting Things In Perspective

Some days are harder than others. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. And sometimes you need to adjust the schedule which can cost a lot of money.

Audrey and I were looking over our Chilean plans with our original intent to fly from La Paz, Bolivia to Santiago, Chile. We heard great things about Northern Chile so decided to revise our schedule. This meant canceling one airline ticket (or not showing up for the flight) and buying a new one. No biggie.

Then we realized our Santiago to Punta Arenas ticket was connected to the previous flight we didn’t plan to take. So, by not showing up to the first flight, our second flight would automatically be cancelled. I tried everything to re-arrange this with no success and had to buy a new ticket down to Punta Arenas. I was bummed.

Spending an additional $800 pales in comparison to what happened a few weeks ago in Las Vegas or what is currently happening at home with all the fires.

In a few weeks I will likely have forgotten about the $800. But for those 58 families in Las Vegas, they will think about what happened every day for the rest of their lives. Or for the many families impacted by the fires, they will forever be scarred. I lost $800. Very minor.

Traveling helps me put things in perspective. My thoughts go out to all our friends and family who are being impacted by the fires.

Click here to see our Chilean photos or the video of our 4-wheel drive trip through the Salt Flats.


  • Days on Road – 126
  • Countries – 8
  • Flight (Miles) – 11,895
  • Flight (Hours) – 36 hours
  • Bus / Car (Hours) – 36 hours
  • Train (Hours) – 11 hours
  • Different Accommodations – 44
  • Items Lost – 7 (I left my razor in the shower. Then next day Audrey’s mom joined us and brought down the razor blades I’d ask her to bring. Which fit the razor I had just left behind. Fortunately, we were in a big city so I could find the same razor. Again, minor.

Bryan Gillette

Bryan Gillette is the founder and principal consultant for Summiting Group focusing on Leadership and Organizational Development. He has traveled extensively for both work and personal reasons visiting almost 60 countries and 40 United States. He is an avid runner and cyclist and ran 200 miles around Lake Tahoe in 76 hours as well as cycled across the United States. He recently spent one year traveling the world with his family.

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