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FAQ - The Traveling Alphabet
Frequently Asked Questions

You’re doing what?” is a common response that we hear followed by, “That’s really cool. I wish I could do that.” You can. You should.

We hear a lot of questions and have attempted to answer most. If we haven’t answered your question, then send us a note.

Where will you go?

The trip is mainly about seeing Africa and South America. But, we have several friends in Europe who we want to see and our Greek-mythology-loving-son wants to see Greece. We are planning to spend about 4 – 5 months in South America, 4 months in Africa, a month in the Middle East and then 1 – 2 months in Europe. To learn more, check out our route.

How long will you be gone?

Our plan is to travel for one year starting in June 2017.

Are you nervous?

You bet we are. There are a lot of things that could go wrong. We could get lost, we could get sick, we could get caught in terrorist activities. Chances are that last one won’t happen. We have to make sure our kids learn some of the basics skills taught in school so they can easily come back into the next grade. And while a lot could go wrong, there is so much that could go right. Sometimes it is important to take risks because that is when you learn. In a recent blog post I wrote how Every One in A While It Is Good To Be Nervous. And yes, we are nervous.

Are you worried about the travel ban?

Are you worried about the most recent travel ban restricting citizens of 7 countries from entering the United States?” is a question we’ve been getting lately. There are a lot of things I am nervous about but not that one.  Generally, people ask because they wonder if we will have a bigger target on our backs — as Americans — or if it makes it more difficult to travel in certain countries. Maybe. <read more>

How do you pack for something like this?

Think about everything you’ll need then remove half. Then remove another half and you likely have what you need. Audrey and Bryan will each have an Osprey Meridian Convertible Wheeled Pack 60L) with a detachable daypack. The boys will have a High Sierra Wheeled Day Pack allowing them to carry everything they need including a stuffed animal…albeit a small one.

What about the boys school?

This will likely be the biggest part of the adventure and hardest part: home schooling the boys. We have worked with our school district and researched different home-schooling options and will teach the kids while on the road. Our focus will be Math and have material that they would be learning in their current grade. Both are avid readers and have Kindles and will write daily in their journal.

How will you get from Point A to Point B?

Planes, trains, automobiles, boats, buses, and bicycles. You name it, we will likely use it to move around the globe. We will arrange the major flights for the first half trip (SFO to South Africa) prior to leaving and then arrange the major flights from Kenya back to SFO sometime along the way. In South America we expect to take buses to get from one destination to another.